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Flash Alerts


ABOUT FLASH ALERTS ON CALL AND SMS ★ The flash will blink when mobile phone receives a Call, Message or Notification of all apps★ Very useful to help you not miss Call, sms in dark night even mobile phone is in Vibrate or silentFEATURES:✔ Install LED Flash for Alerts when mobile phone is in Vibrate or Silent.✔ Easily to adjust speed of light to blink, blink frequency to be slow or fast✔ You can install for Call or text as well as install for other applications or software on mobile phone.✔ Save more battery with Turn Off function when low battery, you can adjust the light turn on or turn off depend on battery. ✔ You can set up the time to active the Flash alert✔ You can quick turn off blink flash by power key, volumn up or volumn down key
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